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A 2009 Sports Illustrated article* estimated that 78% of NFL players have either gone bankrupt or are under severe financial distress within two years of retiring, while 60% of NBA players file for bankruptcy within five years of retirement. The same article also states financial difficulty faced by MLB players, and specifically highlights instances where some players’ assets were invested poorly, without their knowledge. The reason these statistics are so high is because athletes have been time and time again prayed upon by financial advisors interested in managing their portfolios, but not interested in maintaining their wealth.

As a former college athlete and current coach, Paul understands the pressure and hard work that athletes are subject to everyday. Our mission is to educate and empower them to be confident about the financial planning process. We believe in checks and balances, athletes and advisors should both be accessible and willing to work in a collaborative effort that focuses on teamwork and success. Our primary goal is wealth preservation, and we use safe, predictable, financial solutions that have proven effective for hundreds of years to achieve this goal. Most importantly, we want to work with athletes and their families that see us as long term advisers. In order for us to add value, we take steps to ensure that we are the right fit for the prospective athlete and his or her family.



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